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Doctor Etiquette

Started by Alcy (Mark) M. Prevost on 06/09/2010 5:50pm

I have visited Dr. Arthur several times for a hernia post surgery related pain. I have to drive approx. 250 mi. round trip to his office so timing and time is important to me. This Doctor is the most on time and on schedule Doctor I have ever been to. If you have a 1:30 apt., he will see you as close to that time as possible. Most every time I have been to see him, I am in and out within 30 to 45 minutes. This is professionalism. Our time is very valuable to us, just as his is to his practice.
He and his staff are very professional and make you feel good about your experiances with them. I wish more Doctors would value your time like this one does. Thanks, Dr. Arthur, Cathy Hanks, and the friendly nurses on his staff.

Mark Prevost

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I'm glad to hear this,so often today health care providers of all statue treat you like you are an inconvienence to them and if you have a 1 00 appointment and are actually seen by the doctor by 2 oo you should consider yourself lucky and if the doctor spends more than 5 minutes in there with you it's your lucky day.
I had been taken to the wrong office by my medical transportation, by the time I found out and got to the proper office I was 1 hour late for my appointment, The doctor got mad at me. On a later appointment to see that same doctor she had been running late and didn't see me until nearly an hour after my appointment. I said something to her and she told me I didn't have the right to get upset and that I should understand she has other patients and things to do that cause her to get behind.
Any how i am so glad there are still doctors like Dr Arthur. My wife has been lucky in finding one like Dr Arthur too. It keeps my faith in the medical profession in general


Etiquette is a circumstantial condition ,It's just like happiness it goes and it comes according to their success in treating the patient. Doctors are not the exception to this .With the lack of etiquette actually they are creating distance and getting ready to throw the patient under the bus ,especially if there are insurances that can manipulate them via their fees, and the offering of referrals of patients.immediately after this event you are visiting a doctor who is no longer is your doctor.There is the reason for the etiquette issue .Another thing is that there is such a thing a a non Grata patient ,This is when a patient becomes the word of the doctors network as i call it. These, do have a network ,where they back each other up in all, diagnostics , damage control issues. such as bad surgeries ,wrong treatments ,mistakes.It's sort of like a bad cop good cop network,this by the way also applies to best law firms for these too work with doctors when it's for their best interest. For this reason it's hard to find a good lawyer to for representation of malpractice cases. these networks work well for them and very bad for the patients.There is a difference between those who want to serve and those who want to served . Please understand that there are many great doctors out there ,but when in danger of law suits because of their mistakes in our lives ,they will network their worries. and their goes the patient etiquette ,so the etiquette issue starts whether you are a re referred patient or damaged patient.This is where they violate the Hypocritical oath ,their "oath to heal and not hurt patients.",This violation sometimes arrives at their office when they treat patients for what is not understood by their speciality .This is just my humble and honest opinion on this issue .I'm a patient for the last twenty years that has been through the mill ,with doctors who have these network practices. The reason for the limited time treatment besides the volume of patients ,is also that the more that is said, the more they are responsible for what is said.Some Doctors think that they are being deposed by their patients. A Doctor that has to treat a patient that has constant pain,will always,demean, make it seem as if is not that bad and that the patient is making the pain subjective.Don't be surprised if the patient is accused of malingering because of a special interest they think the patient might have .....this goes on and on....good luck to you for i know for a fact that doctors subscribed to these boards .They get many of their heads up from boards like these .


I usually have to wait 3,4 hours, but he does spend a lot of time with me. He is very empathetic and tries to be helpful, that is why he is so long.