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Consistent Pain & Problems Years After Surgery, etc.

Started by Rosemyst on 05/20/2010 3:32am

First of all - I want to warn you that I have one topic in this discussion that might make some of you uneasy, but I have to ask these questions - Who else will I turn to if I can't turn to others who have gone through the same problems that I have?

My background: I am a female, 26 yrs old, no kids, and had a lower spinal fusion surgery when I was 18 for scoliosis (spine was 40 degrees to the left). The dr. went in through my left side, removing my lower floating rib to help fuse my spine. For 3 years or so after the surgery, the left side of my bellybutton was numb, I had trouble lifting my left leg, and I had spasms in my left leg. I constantly have knots in my lower back muscles and chronic pain associated with my lower and upper back. I have size J/K breasts which cause even more strain to all of it.

Question 1: Is it normal to have chronic back pain for close to 10 years following this procedure?
Question 2: Is it normal to have your nerves STILL be growing back at this point in your leg?
Question 3: When I "get off" my left leg's hairs will spike and my nerve endings seem to make my skin feel very painful to the touch. It has gotten a little better over time, but is this normal after so many years)?
Question 4: I don't have as much function with my left leg as is in my right now, again is this normal?
Question 5: Can this surgery have anything to do with changes in your hormones?
Question 6: Do you think insurance will approve to pay for a Breast Reduction seeing that I have undergone Spinal Fusion Surgery?
Question 7: Should I expect to have to have a c-section if I get pregnant with my spinal fusion?
Question 8: Is there a good link to exercises I can do with a lower spinal fusion to loose weight in my middle? I can't do crunches, etc.. so I'm looking for something that will work w/ my range of motion.
Question 9: Is there a place that will help you with your pain management fees / Medication fees? I haven't been able to go to a p.m. dr. because of the cost.

Thank you for taking the time to read/respond to my questions!

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It is not normal to have your pain. There is another forum more specific to scoliosis at scoliosis.org, site fot the National Scoliosis Foundation. I have no idea about the breast reduction, but others have had children and can share their experiences at the other site. You should be pain free!


Hello, first off I am so sorry your pain is so great. I do know that if you have large breasts J/K that the insurance (do you have any?) will pay for breast reduction surgery, especially with your situation. You didn't mention if you work, etc as far as the insurance. If you don't have you tried your state insurance - disability? You are awfully young to be in such pain, although no one should be in pain EVER!

I will wait for your reply. The insu. co. will usually pay if you have more than 400 gms. of tissue and it gives you shoulder grooving, etc. But esp. with the pain your in. I wish I could make things better for you and answer more questions. Have you asked these questions of your Neurosurgeon? I know it has been a while but if he's still in practice I would make an appt. and tell them ahead of time you need your questions answered. If you can't pay - tell them that when you call.

Many prayers for you.