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4 level cervical fusion-ROM issues

Started by Rootsgal on 04/28/2010 7:40pm

I had a cervical fusion w/titanium plate for C-5-6. I continued having horrible left sided headaches and horrible neck pain on the left that went into my left arm and hand. (I was in a DUI accident, the victim of it)
My neck kept turning purple on and off. The neurosurgeon sent me to a pain clinic. I was prescribed: Oxycontin, oxcycodone, lrica, gabapentin, flexoril. Finally, I went to a new neurosurgeon. I had more MRI's, CT scans, and another fusion for C3-4 was scheduled. When they got inside, they noticed the first fusion NEVER FUSED and the screws and plate were wiggly so he took out the old plate and screws. He put in one long plate and 5 screws but the bone will remain unfused for the levels done first. That was why my neck was turning purple, the unfused bone was rubbing on a nerve. It was really debilitating and sometimes I was just wanting to die.
Since this surgery, my headaches are gone, but I am left with carpal tunnel in the left hand.
Now, I am getting a cortizone shot to see how long it lasts. I am not up for another surgery already, but at some point, it will be inevitable.
Anyone having headaches like mine, behind the eyes and on one side only, please seek a cranio-sacral therapist. I had a great one for 8 months and then she died of breast cancer. She helped me alot. I also had acupuncture which calmed down the carpal tunnel for awhile and helped the headaches. You have to be open to try manual and alternative medicines. I love VOLTAREN CREAM! Ask your neurosurgeon to prescibe it. It is great for inflammation.
I was lucky to finally find a neurosurgeon who listened to me. Now, I am in need of detoxing off all these meds, although the floxoril and some oxycodone is still needed for chronic spasms due to ROM problems that will plague me forever I fear~

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Cranio-sacral therapist? I too have suffered for the longest time with debelitating headaches that reach into nd behind just my left eye. I wish I had the money to see one for I totally would!!! I hope u are doing better!! *hugs* I'm very open to alternative medicine and usually take my family to my foot zoner before a western docter.:)