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Posted in: Chronic pain.

Burning tingling muscle twitching in front of leg and knee

Started by misstiffee on 04/15/2010 2:37pm

Hi, for almost 3 months now I have been having burning, tingling muscle twitching, pins and needles parathesia mostly in my left leg. An MRI showed that I have a 2mm protrusion with an annular tear at my L5 S1 region.

I've gone to the doctor and to a chiropractor both of which performed the usual tests of lifting my leg up while laying down, etc. but I am still having burning pain around the front of my leg knee cap a little on my right knee cap. burning pins and needles in my ankle on the soles of my feet.. it's becoming just too much .. I was told by the chiropractor that with such a small protrusion usually you don't have lower leg pain and I was told that sciatica would only affect my buttocks and the back of my leg.

I am at my wits end could someone PLEASE give me some advice...



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My sciatica was in the back of the legs to the toes on both feet. I might suggest an epidural on that bad spot to see if it helps you out. I just posted my case on the board, I had / have some of the same symptoms pertaining to the feet.