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My Brother

Started by DCL1964 on 03/27/2010 2:15pm

I don't know if this is something anyone here can answer so please bare with me. My brother, Allan, has the following symptoms:
1-tightness across his chest
2-numbness mostly in left hand and arm. slightly in right hand and arm.
3-sensitive to clothing touching his skin (mostly shirts)
4-fluid in both ankles and feet
5-stiffness after waking up from sleep and after riding in a car for over an hour.
He has also been diagnosed with sclerodoma and pulmonary hypertension.

This all started in April 2007. He had numbness in his left pointer finger. His doctor sent him to a neurologist that had an MRI done on his neck. The MRI showed severly herniated discs (C4,C5,C6 I think) in his neck. A neurosurgeon told him he needed surgery right away. Allan got a second opinion and put the surgery off to try a form of computerized traction. This did nothing for him and in September he decided to have the surgery. Allan had the surgery in January 2008 and was told it would take a year before he felt the effects of the surgery due to the severity of his stenosis. After a year he is still complaining of the same symptoms
His neurosurgeon says its nothing he did and he's blaming the sclerodoma. His pulmonologist is saying it's a nerve problem. He recently saw another neurologist who performed an EEG and a lumbar puncture. He diagnosed ALS. We are in the process of seeing an ALS specialist but in their forum they say that pain isn't a symptom of ALS and neither is the nerve sensitivity. Allan isn't exhibiting any of the other ALS symptoms.
Has anybody heard of something like this before? Like I said this doesn't fall under your usual topics but I'm desperate to help my brother.

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