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Spinal Stenosis 2 1/2 years after Spinal fusion

Started by fljack1 on 03/08/2010 4:05pm

I had a Posterier Lumbar Interbody fusion 2 1/2 years ago. I never got rid of the pain in my right buttocks, hip and leg on the right. And right after surgery I started with pain on the left also. I have taken vicodin since surgery and have never been pain free. I had to finally go on disabilty. I lost my job of 30 years. MY queston. The past few months I have had more trouble with walking. I use a cane but the pain had been so bad I have had to severly limit my walking. I had an MRI and it showed spinal stenosis. I am due to go on rhe 16th for my first injection. Has anyone else had this problem? Did the shot work. Everything I read sounds negetive about the outcome.

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Hi there-

19 years ago I had an anterior/posterior spinal fusion. I am fused from my hips to above my shoulder blades. I have only 6 vertebra that are not fused. I have constant pain every day, especially when the weather is humid...if the humidity is over 65% I am in agony. I have spinal stenosis from my arthritis and the bone growth is growing so rapidly that almost every nerve in my back is being pushed on and I have mostly pain everywhere but I have nasty flare ups where I can feel shooting pain inside my body and it is just unbearable! I started seeing a pain management doctor about a year ago and have been getting Marcaine/ Kenalog injections every three weeks, sometimes I only get relief for five days and then it's back to square one. I have been diagnosed with Chronic Myofasial Pain. I keep a pain journal and have only had 3 pain free days this year. I am 39 years old and sometimes getting out of bed to make coffee is an ordeal. I live alone and can only bring up one bag of groceries up my steps at a time. It's not a good way to live and very frustrating. Above my fusion I have a lot of wear and tear on my vertebra and a few bulging disks. I feel most days that someone is hitting me with a baseball bat and the sensation never goes away, unless I am asleep. I was reluctant to take any pain killers but now I take Soma when I am home and I take Vicodin all day long....sometime 8 or 9 per day. I work full time and I sit at the computer all day long. By lunchtime I cannot feel anything below my hips...just numbness. I am seeing a neurologist on Wednesday to see if he can do some more advanced trigger point injections that will help me better than what I am receiving now, but I am doubtful. I am on FMLA at work and take almost one day a week off which stinks but when I can't even dress myself or get down my steps for the pain, it's the only thing I can do. Just rest. But that is depressing in itself, just laying around alone does not help and people really do not understand. Do I have to live like this forever? The Vicodin only takes the edge off that's it. I thought it would do more but my pain is deep and persistent. When I take the Vicodin it feels like I am taking Tylenol but I am afraid to take anything stronger as I do not want to get addicted and be a zombie. That is not a satisfying life for me as I am as active as I can be. I get Chiropractic care for the disks that can move and do a massage every week but it's only a temporary fix. I do light exercises at the gym, I stretch everyday and now that it's summer I joined the pool near me and try to swim everyday, if I can drag my but there! If there's anyone out there that has any suggestions, I would love to hear them. I am at the point where I am reduced to tears a few times a week as when I had the surgery I thought I would be all better but since I had bone harvested from my hips, shoulder blades and ribs everything hurts! My surgeon never told me about the side effects that would plague me 2 decades later but I had to have the surgery as my curvature was 80% and my ribs were starting to constrict my lungs. I had no choice in the matter. My e-mail is ***@**** and would love to hear from anyone that is suffering as I am. I just keep praying for myself and everyone out there like me that is suffering from Chronic Pain. God bless and hopefully I will hear from anyone that is in pain like me.