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Cervical burn and heartburn (stomach)

Started by pnanna on 03/06/2010 7:54pm

I've has heartburn since my mid-twenties and had found a hiatel hernia.
Have lived with it through the years by watching what and when I've eaten.
About 5 years ago, it became a little more chronic, exploding when I'd lay to in bed on one side.
Had an upper GI and no problems were found.
The acid stomach became more pronounced and I began taking Prevacid, which solved
the problem. Until then, I would take a 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda before retiring and
that would be it. Then, just having a glass of water would make my stomach explode in
a volcanic gesture and it became a real pain :)
Now, I get a sharp burning sensation right on top of the atlas.
I can press the skin on bone it explodes in a good burn.
This pain and stiffness now coincide with the stomach acid eruptions and upset.
They go hand in hand so that now I'm wondering which came first?
Is there a symathetic nerve system that burns in the neck on account of the stomach, or is
it possible that the neck is initiating the gastric upset?
When I was in garde school and the James Bond series was out, there was a kid who used to sneak up behind me and karate chop the back of my neck.
I remember feeling the numbness going down my arms and being stunned when whacked.
I finally complained to a teacher and the problem was solved.
With this new development and tie in with the necj pain and a stomach that has been problematical ever since I can remember... I have to think about the possibilty that there has been an old
schoolyard war injury that taking hold now that I'm older (58) and this is the crux of the stomach distress.

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As a long time suffer let me suggest that you try Prelief....it is over the counter and helps control the oxlates which in turn helps the burning. one day without it and I have the burning back. Stomach Exercises