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Posted in: Chronic pain.

Pain Specialist

Started by Scribelle on 02/11/2010 2:31pm

I have nultiple issue (fibro, neural damage from 2 falls, osteoporosis, spinal pain & radiculopathy/neuropathy, etc. etc. etc.)

I am already being seen by a rheumatologist, and have also been evaluated by a neurologist. What I can't wrap my brain around is: what exactly does a pain specialist do? Does this mean this is the end of the line for treatment options?

Please, I'm nervous - OK, a bit scared. Can anyone help enlighten me?


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A pain specialist is not the end of the road. In contrast, it may be the beginning for you. Pain specialists are able to help you better understand your pain (and ways to limit it) as well as offer therapeutic options to reduce (or eliminate) the pain. They are there to help you to cope with your levels of pain and to identify the actions or causes of the underlying condition leading to increased sensitivity to pain. Do not be surprised if you are referred also to a pshychologist or psychiatrist to make an assessment of your mental state. This is a very helpful option if you suffer from altered mental states due to the pain (as most of us do). The pain specialist is often referenced as a "Pain Management Center" due to the fact that they often prescribe, supervise and administer drugs that are on the controlled substances list of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). If they decide you need this type of treatment, you may also be asked to provide a urinalysis sample at each visit and labs or bloodwork at the various stages of treatment. These are to ensure that you are taking the medications as prescribed and that there are no high toxicity levels in your body. I hope that this helps you to better understand the role of pain management specialists and encourages you to attend that first visit! I have been down that road with PLIF Surgery as well!


Thank you soooo much for your excellent explanation. It gives me some idea of what to expect. My anxiety level has dropped considerably!