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Undiagnosed Odd Chronic Neck-Eye issue

Started by Niklasbiz 6 days 20 hours ago


I am super interested to know if someone else here are having something similar to my strange issue and/or what has worked for you. I will seriously leave a bounty out there for the one that can advice me a skilled physician that can help with this.

I am in my early thirties and otherwise very healthy except for a rotator cuff injury 5 years ago that still bothers me occasionally.
Two years ago I started having a stiff and painful neck combined with a debilitating fatigue days or weeks post exercise.
My neck issue has since become worse and no physical therapy seems to help but instead exarcebate the neck pain.
9 months ago I started having chronic eye strain with sharp pain behind the eyes and blurred vision at times, which is cumalatively worsened by indirect glare and strong contrast environments such as fluorescent lights inside malls, computer screens in dark, etc.

All tests done such as blood work, xray, MRI of cervical spine & brain, eye exams, all show normal (except for a slight lordosis reversal). I should mention that I stll have

Physical therapists and ostepopaths can confirm stiff shoulder and neck muscles only but as mentioned, no treatment seems to alleviate the symptoms.

Anyone even heard about something this strange? All traditional doctors are shaking their heads when they hear about this...

Cheers and may you all get healthier one day at a time.

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Forgot this part...

I should mention that I stll have a 20/20 vision. My vision only goes blurred out if I ignore the pain and keep spending time inside malls, in front of screens/smart phones, etc.

I also get strong occipital migraines every other day on top as a nice additional bonus, hehe.