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Neck pain

Started by Bonita on 10/24/2018 4:59pm

I’m 52lm living with this terrible neck pain since 32 years old!! The pain is unbearable , it’s so sharp on my shoulder blades ,behind my neck, side of my neck and traveling to shoulders, arm pain , numbness of hands , headaches!! I’ve tried everything and nothing has helped me , except salon pas patches!! Tomorrow lm having neck fusion surgery on C 4-5-6 plus clean the bone spurs ! The procedures will be done by a neurosurgeon!! I don’t care if my throat is sore after surgery l just want to be pain free cause believe me for twenty years this pain has made me been trapped in my body !! I see some comments that the pain they experience after surgery lm experience before surgery like l said for 20 years! I don’t think it could get any worse after surgery than the unbearable pain that suffering now !

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