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Levels C 2-3 down through 6-7 either bulging or herniated....need advice please

Started by Alaura Christin... on 03/18/2017 8:37pm

Hi there.....
While I know that no one here is a professional I do know that a few of you feel what I feel and have had similar Cervical MRI findings and right now, I am wondering if I should see a neurologist.
I am 47 year old who is currently seeing a chiropractor, pain management doctor and an ortho in this one group. I had a fall in Aug 2016 which resulted in multiple injuries. I also have a Rheumatologist who treats my Lupus.
After the fall I experienced pain in neck and left shoulder, down back side of arm and into hand. I also felt pain and numbness in my right wrist and hand but had been diagnosed with carpal tunnel a few years back and just thought it got worse witg fall. I had a rotator cuff surgery in Dec for a tear seen on MRI and they took care of bursitis while in there.
After surgery I feel more numbing sensations located on my front chest shoulder area and up left side of neck into side of bottom lip at times. Sometimes feel big numb spot in middle of back where bra strap goes. My right hand gets burning pins and needles when applying makeup, especially eye liner. And I cannot sleep on my back due to pain and my arms and hands fall asleep, painfully.
Ortho said that the numbing pain is not from shoulder surgery and is something the pain mgmt Dr could help with injections. Pain mgmt Dr sent me for cervical mri and here are findings:

Examination demonstrates slight reversal of the normal cervical lordosis. No evidence of fracture, dislocation, or bone destruction. The facet joints demonstrate mortal alignment.

C 2-3 level, a central subligamentous disc herniation is noted with thecal sac compression

C 3-4 level, annular bulging is noted with thecal sac compression

C 4-5 level, and disc osteophyte complex is noted superimposed upon annular bulging with thecal sac compression

C 5-6 level, and disc osteophyte complex is noted superimposed upon annular bulging with thecal sac compression and right foraminal stenosis

C 6-7 level, and central subligamentous disc herniation is noted with thecal sac compression

So, have any of you had similar findings on your mri and had this numbing, burning and pain in shoulder, arms, hands and fingers? If anyone can give me some insight that would be great. I do see my pain management doctor on Thursday to go over this mri but am feeling strongly about having a spine-neuro doctor look at it....I don't want these neuro symptoms to progress or become permanent.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Hoping to hear what others may think of what is showing on mri and symptoms combo.

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Hi, Alaura, I'm so sorry you are experiencing all of these issues. I understand the feeling of not quite knowing what to do next! What comes to mind is that you might want to discuss with your pain management doctor about having nerve conduction tests. These can help identify which nerves are causing the symptoms you are having. Second opinions can also help you feel some confidence in whatever decisions you make. In addition to the ortho you have currently been consulting, you might want to see a neurosurgeon for additional feedback. Best wishes as you seek answers to your questions! Let us know how you're doing!


Thank you Bonnie Rae! Yes, a neuro-surgeon is in the forefront of my mind to see. I went for my shoulder PT today and showed the results to my therapist. She tested me with bending my arm/wrist/fingers while my head was tilted one way then the other and she told me the way I'd feel the numbness come on with each movement and was 90% right on each one. I love my PT; she is my favorite out of group. I did tell her I would want a neuro-surgeon on my case and not just Chiro and PM. I kind of felt like ortho blew me off saying numbness was neck and PM will handle and that was before mri.
Perhaps my MRI isn't as bad as it sounds.....lol....I really don't understand it much so I am looking forward to going over it all with PM on Thursday. Will let u know how I make out!! ☺ thank you for responding too.


Hello, and thanks for sharing your story with us! MRI results often lead to more questions than answers. We think sharing your MRI with a neurosurgeon is a great idea, especially considering the symptoms you're experiencing.

While we don't have answers regarding your specific MRI, we'd like to share an article we think you'll find interesting. This article ( Neck Pain Center ) packs a lot of information about neck pain--from common questions about neck pain to more information about some of the tests you may undergo to find out exactly what's causing your nerve pain. We hope it's helpful.

We look forward to hearing what you learn about your MRI--best of luck to you!


Thanks so much Spine universe moderator. I will read that info.
My mom had a 3 tier ACDF last year and has permanent damage due to severe stenosis from osteoporosis. She had a fall and walked her chin and her neck went back and she couldn't move her arm and gaite way off and numbness in hands got worse. The emergency surgery worked on everything but her hands. She strugglesaid with the simplest of tasks like picking up a piece of paper of a table. There's a lot she can no longer do.
She didn't pay attention to her symptoms through the years. I want to make sure I am able to catch whatever I have going on before any kind of permanent damage or God forbid have another fall like my mom did.
I will update and let u know what my pain mgmt Dr says about mri but I will be seeing a neurosurgeon too.