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Lumbar Back

Started by kevy on 12/07/2016 11:55am

Heavy equipment mechanic for 25yrs. Popped 2 disks at L3-4 in'84 worked 10yrs. with them. by1994 i had 2 protrusions 1 @ 9mm the other @ 8mm. Had them taken care of then. back to work in 3 months. About 1yr later started to have rt leg tingling. My fault for not paying attention to this problem. By 2000 my lower back was in such a mess form working. Always the type of guy that is ocd type A person. Once you started a job you finished the job NO matter what it took. Didn't matter if it was a crane, track machine, aerial lift always got the job done. BY 200 i had 5 herniated discs. the said a 2 level fusion was the best way too stabilize my back. The BIGGEST MISTAKE i have ever made. The first fusion went well. Off pain meds quickly. Fentynal, Oxies, Morphine the usual stuff. The problems really started after breaking 4 screws. Titanium is hard, but won't bend just snap clean. So after trying to get a spinal stimulator for 4 yrs that the Ohio bwc denied. I walked away cold turkey from taking 60mg of methadone a day. stepped down to 20mg a day then nothing. That was in March of '16. After 5 months i stared feeling better. now In Dec. my mind is sharper i can think and my BODY can finally tell me what's wrong.
After 4 ER visits and 3 hospital stays for blood psi so high because my doctor wouldn't let me out of his office unless i went right to the hospital. This is what happens when your pain management doctor DOESN'T have a CLUE on have to detox a person after they write 6yrs. of methadone scrips and you see only once every three months. MY FAULT!!! NEVER again!.
After going through another mylogram 2 moths ago i find out that L1 disc is gone between L2. T11 &T12 have fused together over the yrs of being a prescription drug addict and no taking a PROACTIVE roll in my care. NEVER AGAIN. The Doctor can fix my back with 8 new screws cut the vertebra part realign everything and button me up. 16hrs on the table and a year to recover. This is good until the word BUT, then you are told you have Lumbar Spinal Arachnoiditis. That" that back can't be fixed and will have a progressive disease in 1 of the membranes around the spinal cord and brain. No cure Just as time goes on more pain and disability. Spinal Stimulator, Meds or what?
I apologize for barring the soul but , I'm so angry with myself. To let this happen. I have lost everything over this. Except my ROCK my daughter. Single dad for 6yrs. she graduated with Honors common sense and a great outlook on life.
I hope people will read this and take heed that you ALWAYS need to be pro-active in your care. Try not let the same things happen to you. Eat moderately everything healthy, you are what you eat. I tell you this because i went through all this being a insulin diabetic for 30 yrs.
Good luck to everybody and try to look at the glass as half full than empty. Their is always HOPE!!!

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