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Vertigo at work hanging up broom?

Started by 498907880294874... on 02/18/2016 3:55pm

Allow me to start by giving you the background of my injury.

On June 29th of 2015, I was in a car accident. I went through all the usual hospital scans and being questioned by the doctors. They discharged me the same night, and I can't remember the exact term they used for my main injury, and I don't have the papers in front of me either. I do remember that it was basically stress to my lumbar muscles. Well, after the hospital, I had daily trips to the chiropractor. The chiropractor had me lay on a hydromassage table (which was amazing, I loved it to death), adjusted me, and then after about a week's worth of visits, sent me to get an MRI. Well, come to find out, the stress to my lumbar was actually a bulging disk. I started a job in the beginning of August so I stopped seeing the chiropractor. I haven't seen any doctors about it since. You all see what day it is now.

Now that I've got all of the background information out of the way, I can tell you guys about what happened today.

I was at work (I patch veneer for a living, nothing hard at all), and I had been fine up until about 30 minutes before my lunch break. I had to take a break from my patching because my current assignment was finished, and I had to wait for the next one to be brought to me, and so I was told to look busy by sweeping the floor around my table. I should also mention I was sharing my table with another lady, whom was also sweeping, and she was the one that brought my broom to me. We swept, and I was just fine. Up until I went to put the broom away. This is where the episode starts.

I looked up at the nail that the broom hung on, and all of a sudden, it was like the ceiling became a lot higher than it actually was. The walls between the ceiling and my eye level looked like they were stretched up to the ceiling's new level like I was in some freaky horror movie. At the same time I felt very dizzy, and like I was going to fall. I felt a little better when I looked back down, but it immediately happened again when I looked up again. I wanted to see if it would happen again, obviously it did, or this post wouldn't be here. After that, when I got my next assignment, I avoided looking up for a few minutes, as I thought it was probably just something weird that just happens once in every blue moon because of the bulging disk. I'm not sure which one it is, I was never told, so I'm sorry if that doesn't help. So after the few moments passed, I looked up to the ceiling again. Same problem.

So I called my boyfriend and asked him to show up to follow me home so I didn't have to leave my car there. I had to drive about 25 miles per hour the whole way, or else I would get dizzy again. When I finally got into the driveway, opened the door, and looked at the ground, I felt like the ground was coming right at me. Fast. And so my boyfriend helped walk me inside.

I got inside the door, and thank goodness my boyfriend owns a deep freezer, because I had to use it to catch myself after receiving another dizzy spell. He took me into our room so I could lay down and relax, and even now, several hours later, this vertigo feeling hasn't gone away. I got to relax with my boyfriend for a little while, but then he had to get ready to leave for work himself.

I probably shouldn't have, but I stood up to hug and kiss him goodbye for the night (I was working 7a-330p today, he works 2nd shift), and once he left, I was trying to walk back to the bed when all of a sudden my leg basically just froze. Like, it wouldn't bend any lower, nor would it let me stand up straight just to stop walking. But the top half of my body kept moving forward, leaning onto the edge of bed.

None of this has ever happened before, so I'm really freaked out. I have a doctor's appointment on Saturday to get checked out, but I'm afraid of my condition getting any worse between now and then. Or even of something else related happening.

I basically just want to know what this could be, if it COULD BE in fact related to my bulging disk, and if there is anything I can do about it. Other than seeing the doctor, of course.

Thank you in advance, everyone. Talk with you soon.

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