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Kyphosis and osteoporosis

Started by Mary Ann on 05/29/2012 10:13am

When my doctor saw the results of my most recent bone scan, he told me I had the bones of a 100 year old woman. (I am 66) A few years ago, I had kypoplasty to repair one area, but other areas were past repair. The resulting deformity is very disturbing, and I believe is getting worse. Pain management is working fairly well, considering, but the discomfort is also progressing. I am on medication for the osteoporosis, but am wondering if there is anything else which can be done to allieviate the disconserting shape of my back. I am also wondering if the condition is affecting other aspects of my health. There are certain activities which cause severe breathing discomfort and pain, but do not seem related to any other cause. Is this possible. Is there any treatment which could help? I have joined a gym and am working on stengthening my back.

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