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Posted in: Bracing, Spinal fractures, and Surgery.

Input on c2 odontoid type-2 fracture for 89 y.o.

Started by thinkker on 06/07/2019 11:08am

I would like get some input on your experience in the treatment and finding a surgeon for the examination/consultation for a c2 odontoid type-2 fracture. In my search am finding relatively few surgeons or hospitals that list this type of fracture in there treatable conditions/procedures. I think this is due to this fracture makes up a relatively small % of all fractures.

My 89 y.o. mothr sustained this fracture due to a fall and there was a CT and an MRI done at the time. The fracture was stable, she had no symptoms, and full strength in all of her limbs. We decided on conservative non-surgical treatment and instead have her wear a cervical collar for 12 weeks. The 12 weeks has passed she is recovering well. Any input on your experience or advice would be appreciated.

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