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Posted in: Bracing, and Surgery.

Parent of a 5 year old with early onset scolisis

Started by BrandyLea on 02/09/2017 12:32pm

Her pediatrician caught it about a month ago and referred us to a specialist. Our appointment was yesterday and they did X-rays and confirmed that she has a pretty severe curve in her back. We talked about what happens moving forward, firstly they are going to get her fitted for a brace, which is not done in their office, so I am currently waiting on their partners to call me to schedule her to come in to be measured and fitted for her brace. The doctor also scheduled her for an MRI in April, to see if maybe it is neurological, and can be treated and fixed as such. But April seems like such a long time to wait.,.wait...wait. We also talked about the MAGEC growing rod surgery. I have been reading up on it, and while it is certainly a better option than having to have many surgeries to manually grow the rod. The thought of my 5 year old having that kind of surgery is so scary to me. Has anyone here had the surgery? If so what can you tell me about it, about the recovery, lifestyle changes etc? Any advice would be appreciated..

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Hi, BrandyLea--thank you so much for sharing your questions. We can’t begin to imagine how overwhelming this situation is for you and your daughter.

While we don't have a personal experience to share about magnetic growing rods for EOS, we have a case study on this treatment you may find interesting ( Magnetically Controlled Growing Rods (MCGR) for the Treatment of Progressive Early-Onset Scoliosis (EOS) ). You'll notice this case study is highly clinical, which is because the audience for our case studies is medical professionals (and, as such, only doctors are able to comment on the case reports). However, it might shed some light on this treatment for you.

Whichever scoliosis treatment you move forward with, we wish you and your daughter the very best of luck!