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Spondelolisthesis stage III with at L6 S1 with L6 cracked in half

Started by Susan Lascelles on 11/20/2016 3:34am

Hi, I am Susan, I need spine surgery ASAP because I'm at the third stage of spondelolisthesis, in profound pain. And I could become crippled if I don't do this. There is a possibility I may be accepted for laser surgery, but to keep the cost down, I would be on the fast track for this. From what I read on the website, This Laser institute out of Phoenix has only done one spondelolisthesis! It was successful but still rather alarming. But it is a new field and I understand I have a rare condition. And that experienced surgeons working on spines for 20 years may have only done 20 or 1 a year of late stage spondelolisthesis, which is what I have. So I want opinions on rushing into laser surgery or getting more opinions on traditional surgery. Please help. Thank you Susan

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