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Spine popping/cracking (fusion/ fusion removal)

Started by barracuda on 04/10/2013 11:40am

HELP! ANYONE’s advice or input is appreciated!!!

I am experiencing a popping sound/feeling in my spine. No pain is associated with the popping but it causing me to be very concerned and it’s almost depressing me. I am wondering if I’m RIGHT to be concerned or if I’m over-reacting. Or even a little reassurance or someone that is or has gone through the same thing.

I was in a car accident in 2006. I initially had a spinal fusion on the L1 – L3. I also had a walker to support me. Within a few months the fusion was removed due to staph infection. Theres more to the situation with the infection, but its not related to my issue. The decision was then made that I would just use a brace for a few months while it was healing. Did that. Then went a while without the brace.. maybe a month or two. Nothing major happened or anything.. I just noticed that when I would go from a leaning in position to becoming standing up, my spine would crack ( different sound/feeling then I’m having now) I was made to wear the brace for another 3-4 months after XRAY showed a minor fracture. After that back to normal ( as normal could be for me)

SO, other than occasional severe pain from over exertion or such, everything seemed all well and okay. But now… I am hearing a popping noise. I’m scared and nervous. I have been to the Dr. about a year ago when I thought I was experiencing the same thing but XRAYS showed up normal. I was given no real explanation since my problem is not associated with pain. Just a large bill. This popping comes and goes. It happens randomly and I wont notice for weeks and then ill notice it for days on end.
I mainly notice it when I stand up out of my desk chair (I work in an office) or sometimes if I am laying on my back or sitting and I raise my legs ( or raise them and move them sideways). Its become such an issue where I literally despise getting up or moving my legs in that way. I avoid it constantly. The popping happens at other times as well, but going from sitting to standing is a BIG ONE. It makes me sick to my stomach and just so uncomfortable to feel like this.

I also am very very into excersize.. but I just don't have the courage to do anything for my abdominals and its really upsetting to me. I work out really hard ( with my condition in mind) It gets me so down in the dumps to think i can never have a six pack of abs, or even some nice toning. Maybe i am just over reacting or being over cautious..


Any advice? Input? Relation to my situation? Anyone?

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