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Hip Pain

Started by navara on 05/23/2012 3:05am

I am 20 years old and have had really bad hip pain for about a year now. I went to several physical therapist and they have given me about 3 different reasons why I have the pain. One diagnosis was an inflamed IT band, another was a muscle strain, and the third was a rotated hip. The dull throbbing pain is in the right hip and spreads around the right thigh. I have tried stretching, strengthening exercises, and anti-inflamatories. When I walk, I have a slight limp, and my knee often buckles when I step with my weight on it. The muscles in my hip and thigh are always extremely tight and when I stand straight I feel less pressure on my right foot than my left and my right foot is pointed outboard at about a 30deg angle. If anyone has anything that can help, I would be EXTREMELY grateful. I am a US Marine and have been on light duty and am basically useless in my unit until this is fixed. Also in Highschool I had a polevaulting incident where I had a T12 Compression Fracture, this was about 4 years ago. I do not know if this could have been a cause of it or just the PT'ing and road marches with weight.

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