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Posted in: Bracing, Spinal fractures, and Surgery.

spinal instrumentation withOUT fusion

Started by aprilgentry on 01/31/2011 1:16pm

Hello! I had a L1 burst fracture followed by L2, L1 & T12 instrumentation withOUT fusion. I am now, under advice from a few doctors, considering taking the instrumentation out to prevent failure, pain etc. The bone is healed great but my doctor is concerned about how well the joint will function without instrumentation. He said that if the joint doesn't function properly, I'll have to have another operation to have the bones fused. Has anyone else had anything similar or could give me some advice regarding this??

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Hello! Finally, someone in the same predicament as me! (not that I'm happy about someone else
's misfortune!). I too sustained an L1 burst compression # 6 months ago (tobogganing with my family), and had T12-L2 instrumentation without fusion. 3+ months in a Jewett brace. Back at the gym and doing well but still have significant pain and stiffness. I don't know if hardware removal will help or not. The initial plan at time of surgery was to remove hardware in a year to restore range of motion. # has healed beautifully but at last appt Dr sounded less certain about removal ( not simple operation, bigger dissection etc-news to me !) I'm now very confused. Sorry I couldn't provide any advice. Have appt next week, will keep u posted. Do any Drs comment on this sie? Would be helpful to hear some more opinions:)


hey heather!!! glad to hear from ya! how are you feeling?? I still can't work out very comfortably and am in pain almost daily :-( I'm thinking the hardware has to come out and since its been a year... also, the weather change, killer!! But that's also and very inspiring that you are doing great! How old are you, if you don't mind me asking? So sorry about your accident too!!

Where did you have surgery?? Mine was in Miami @ Jackson Memorial but live in NYC