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Neck stiffness 3 mo after fusion / laminectomy?

Started by Veronique2020 on 11/03/2020 3:20pm

Hi all, first time here and it seems like a good community. I had a question since I can't find info on this anywhere.

I had a spinal fusion back at the end of July of this year, I'm overall recovering pretty well after 2 months in the hospital ( I feel very weird when I walk, trying to hold my torso up still) but it's nothing like before I fractured my vertebrae. It was the middle of my vertebrae that fractured, and I had a spinal fusion (3 vertebrae I think) and a laminectomy.

I've noticed my neck is super stiff still. I can turn my head slightly to each side, but it hurts and I don't want to push it. I did some PT on it but it didn't seem to be extremely helpful after 5-6 sessions of trying to work on more mobility.

Is this common? Has anyone else experienced this, and does it improve over time?


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