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Very Concerned

Started by VictorLee on 08/10/2019 7:48pm

Hello anyone and everyone. I had a ACDF C3 & C6, mid August 2018, got punched by airbag in 2008 felt fine didn't go to hospital. Condition progressed, 2016 came pain,numbness, 2017 couldn't take it anymore, tripping over my own feet etc. Sorry for babbling, thing is after surgery I couldn't wiggle toes,fingers. Started from bottom wheelchair, walker, just gave up cane 2weeks ago. My knees still have stiffness as my ankles as well. I'm barely walking but walking none the less. What can I expect. Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Hi, VictorLee, I’m sure this is very frustrating! I had ACDF of C5-C7 a few years ago and was surprised at how long it took for the nerves to return to normal. I’m curious about why your neck injury would effect your walking. Have you had an MRI of your lumbar spine?


Hello Bonnie.
Thanks for your response. I would think when surgeon did MRI he checked entire. I was walking doing construction up to the week before surgery. When I sit or lie down I feel the inner swelling in my legs and the weight of my legs, a little heavier than normal but much better since surgery. So I just don't know. But I will send Dr. message asking about lumbar MRI. My balance is getting better. Need handrails to walk up stairs and definitely down. Rather 2stairs or 20.
Thank you