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Rehab after Coflex

Started by jodieng on 07/26/2019 11:30am

Hi all,

I had a laminectomy and had a Coflex device inserted into L4/L5 after spondylosis and a cyst. My back feels fabulous. The only serious and major negative is that there is ZERO information about rehab after Coflex - what is do-able and any boundaries. As you know, most surgeons and their staffs know almost nothing about real-life yoga, pilates, etc., and therefore do not advise.

Does anyone out there have information about how to best rehab after the 3 month post surgical instructions, which is 'to walk.'


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Hi, Jodieng—I found great help through a couple of months of physical therapy with a clinic that works with professional sports teams in the Baltimore, MD area. It’s like having a personal trainer! Just be clear with them about how you’re doing - they can personalize therapy for exactly what is hurting you, but only if you tell them what hurts and how much!! They can also talk with you about options for yoga and exercise routines that will help your specific needs! I go back every year or so for a “tune-up” - to loosen up tight muscles and keep my core strong. After surgery, insurance companies are much more likely to approve pt. My primary care physician said, “Just tell me when you need to go and I’ll write the order!” Best of luck with your recovery - but take your time, it really does take many months to reach full recovery!!!