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Broken Titanium rod

Started by Hamannka on 07/20/2019 2:28pm

Hello-I had a 7 level fusion 4 1/2 years ago. It was very successful at correcting a scoliosis curve caused by a car accident. I am very active and while golfing I heard a loud pop. After a scan, it turns out I broke one of my rods. I am waiting a cat scan to see if my bones really have fully fused (or if the radiologist wasn’t careful in reading the last one that said they were). I am curious if anyone has opted to live with a broken rod instead of getting it replaced. If so, do your symptoms improve over time? I am doing better as my nerve pain has gone away that was present at first. But it aches most the time and I get sharp pains if I move wrong. Thank you.

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