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My Spinal Fusion done on 2001 after a car accident

Started by JBroken2Backin01 on 05/01/2019 1:30pm

Hello ,
I had a Spinal Fusion done in 2001 because my back broke in a car accident. Which left me with 3 or more crushed discs .
Now I have even more discs that are cracking. Along with other back problems including DDD.
I joined Spineuniverse to gain more knowledge about my injuries & surgery. Also to hear about other members stories and testimonials.
I was able to read a couple partial stories. I'm excited to be part of this group that share their experiences that may be similar to mine or not.
I'm relieved I found spineuniverse and can't believe I am just now finding this group. I look forward to hear and maybe be able to help others as well, Thank you and blessings to you all!

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