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Alternatives to Disc Fusion or Any Success Stories!?

Started by superd on 04/09/2019 1:29pm

Hello guys, I am due for spinal surgery in 6 weeks time, and really worried reading horror stories on here and the internet.

According to surgeon, I have advanced degeneration on the C5/C6, which is pinching on my nerves. This is going on a number of years, and ive almost exhausted all avenues of treatment. Im 40 years old.

I dont actually have any pain, per se, but have intense numbness in my shoulders and ribs.. and my body has basically collapsed around this tension... my left shoulder and ribs is chronically cranked up, right knee and hip not in a good place due to tension and imbalances above.. and basically struggling to walk at this stage... :(

After 6 years and a number of treatments, my surgeon reckons i will benefit greatly from c5/c6 fusion.. but im worried i could completely screw up my life if things dont go well... alternative being just manage the current situation, which is not great, but bearable.

I dont seem to be in as much pain as some people, but i am effectively living a nightmare, in that ive had to give up all sports, and as mentioned struggling to walk at this stage, its killing me mentally and physically :(

I just want to be active again.

Has anyone found alternatives to surgery i.e. herbal etc.. which might help relax the numbness in my shoulders? Ill try anything at this stage, but i am coming very close to taking on surgery.

Some positive stories will help also... just seems to be so many people suffering post-op on here..

My love is with you all btw!!

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