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Started by gillisj on 03/11/2019 1:20am

I am really new to this portal. Just 5 days post surgery. Being a headstrong 70 year old, I want to do most things my way. Period. I have fought my way thru 2 different cancers along with the accelerated radiation for the first one 4 years ago and a brutal chemo and radiation protocol for the second cancer almost 3 years ago. At about 6 months post treatments, I found myself in a very deep depression. A psychologist helped, as did working out with a trainer a few times a week.
I was determined to become as strong as possible. Then I found out about the condition of my cervical spine. I made up my mind to go forward with the surgery. Again, pushing myself as hard as possible to be strong and to get through recovery quickly.
Not so fast... I am wearing the foam neck collar, restricting head movements, walking around on my own and strolling around outside. When I need to rest or sleep, I don't hesitate to do just that. I look forward to PT, as soon as allowed.
What I am getting at is that I want to be fully aware of how my body is responding to the recovery and not screw up my chances of getting to enjoy the next segment of my life...however long that will be. So, i will be checking this site to glean as much advice and information as possible.

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Get the bone stimulator. you wear around your neck for a few hours a day.