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Posted in: Body mechanics, Kyphosis, and Surgery.

Lumbar Kyphosis, flat back

Started by Blacksmith on 03/06/2019 9:04am

I over exerted myself and literally changed the shape of my spine.
My lumbar region now has a slight posterior curve, instead of the normal anterior lordosis.
As a result, I am severely bent forward at the waist.
My only treatment option is extensive spinal fusion, from about T2 all the way to my pelvis.
I have been holding off on surgery, mainly because, in spite of the severe deformation, it's not
really causing me any pain. Although I am quite disabled: I can't stand up and use both
hands, because I always need to try to hold myself up as much as possible.
If anyone has had fusion which is this extensive, I would really like to hear from you.
I feel like I'm a lost cause either way, considering all the possible complications of surgery.
Thanks for reading this, and any feedback will be appreciated.

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Can anyone relate ?


I'm surprised you're not having any pain and I sure hope that continues. I did have an instrumented spinal fusion from T3 all the way down for degenerative disc disease that had -- like you -- changed the shape of my spine and flattened out the sagittal curves. I only opted for the surgery because of the increasing pain (over years). I would definitely not have had the surgery if I weren't in pain. The surgery was absolutely brutal and took me months to recover from. I dont' recommend it unless you haven debilitating pain. But, if you need it, I can honestly say I haven't had a day of back pain since I recovered from the surgery.


SusiePM, Thanks very much for your reply. It's nice to hear that this type of procedure can be helpful, and as you wrote, I sure hope it continues.
Actually I think I'm trying to to fool myself when I say it's not painful. I spend a lot of time lying down in order to avoid it. But right now I don't consider that "debilitating" enough to warrant surgery. Thanks for giving me some degree of hope if it continues to degenerate to that point.