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Numbness and tingly in arms and legs

Started by alpana on 02/16/2019 11:14am

I have been suffering from numbness, tingly and burning in my arms and legs for about 7 months now. Want to mention that i have no pain with movement and range of motion is not impacted at all.

Saw two Neurologists and had MRIs of cervical, therasic and lumbar spine with and without contrast, brain MRI and EMG. All results show everything is normal so Neurologists said they cant help me - with no further direction.

I have also seen three different physical therapists who are all confused because they don't know how to help me.

I saw a chiropractor who treated me very gently but made my symptoms worse so i stopped.

I found this community discussion regarding pinched nerve and one of the member (lonman) had mentioned that his Neurologist asked him to see orthopedic spine specialist.

I was wondering if anyone has similar experience and or any guidance for me? If you have recommendation of any specialist in central Jersey area?

Truly appreciate it.
Thank you in advance.

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