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Started by Rod king on 10/15/2018 11:52pm

Hade my liver cut 1/4 lost my legs in 2011/2012 from the knee & legs been on pain pill morphine/hdyrocodone ever sent The doc how cut my legs off told I would have some can of pain rest of my life he is right We try all pain pill I hade bad reviews on I can't remember 3 years of what I did or what year it was I went to bowmount in Michigan for 3 years in & out is was my choice it cut them off not his they did so meny test them could not hine any thing I was in the army I think it was some thine we sprayed over there but they would not give the boctor any in fo before they cut them off my pain was 9/5 all the time now it 5/7 all the time the pain I take now worked fine. No more/ less rod

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