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Need advice or assurance as a caretaker

Started by Jalist on 06/15/2017 1:32pm

I have been taking care of an individual who is currently 63 years old and was considered disabled by the Social Security Administration at the age of 48 from complications of cervical spinal stenosis. Due to the length of time the cord was compressed and the fact he had no insurance there was permanent nerve damage on the left side of the body from about the breast down to the bottom of the left foot . Most of the care I've given during those years was a ride to and from appointments with MD's neurosurgeons and pain management clinics because the patient otherwise is mobile and pretty independent. As of the last few days something odd seems to be happening with his balance after sitting or lying down for long periods of time. He has had a few Falls and a lot of near-misses as though the left leg is almost not there. His left side is always been an issue. There's always been numbness to the skin but burning Sensations deep within but I am concerned at the number of times I've seen his left knee buckle and almost go crashing to the ground.

My main question is mainly a long the lines a future care. What do any of you feel is more likely: Is this how the disease progresses as he ages or could it be due to something situational like how he tends to lay more on his left side in his recliner? I'm very concerned and don't want to believe anything new could be going on.

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Hi, Jalist--thank you for your post. We're sorry to hear about the balance problems your care recipient is experiencing.

Problems with balance are a common symptom of cervical myelopathy, which occurs when the spinal cord is compressed, and that aligns with his previous diagnosis. We'd like to share a few articles to help you learn a bit more about this:
( Cervical Myelopathy and Spinal Cord Compression )
( Spinal Stenosis Symptoms )
( Spinal Stenosis: Lumbar and Cervical )

While we are not medical professionals, we wonder if his balance problems are indicative of his disease progression. Our best advice for you, as his caretaker, is to encourage him to mention his new balance issues to his doctor, so they can investigate further and provide appropriate treatment.

We hope this information is helpful!


I guess should also mention that he's had an interior Fusion at C3 C4 and C5. He has also had a laminectomy and spinal cord stimulator implanted. Hopefully there is no further damage and these are simply trying times with the myelopathy he deals with day-to-day.