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Sharp feeling inside when I touch lower back or lean against something and severe pain in hips.

Started by Sharon Louise S... on 03/08/2017 2:57am

Hi everyone.. I'm 35 and had L5s1 fusion 2 years ago. I had a grade 4 slip with nerve compression. Took 8 years to diagnose but once it was the neurosurgeon was brilliant he booked me in within weeks and really took care of me while I was under his care. There have been improvements as I don't get continues pins and needles and don't scream every time I make a slight movement but I am in pain. My back by hips sometimes feel like there gonna explode.. I can't stay to still as I go stiff or if I walk to much I get spasms. This I've been trying to live with but I'm now getting a shap sensation type pain like there is a shard of glass when I touch my Lower back. I leant against a cupboard and at first was convinced there was something shap on the cupboard but when i touched the area it felt the same. When I say touch I don't mean I feel something sharp on my hand the sensation is sharp inside. Anyone else had this.

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Hi, and thank you for sharing your back pain experience with us. We are so sorry to hear about the sharp pain you're having--that level of pain can truly hurt your quality of life.

We know it's been 2 years since your lumbar fusion, but have you reached out to your neurosurgeon about your pain? You mention having a great relationship with him, so we recommend speaking to him about understanding the root of your pain. Your doctor may order imaging scans to illuminate what might be causing your low back pain and to help guide his treatment recommendations for you.

You shouldn't have to live with such severe pain, and we hope you find some relief soon!