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Started by 1194086509@facebook on 10/23/2013 5:37pm

I had cervical fusion and discectomy with donor bone Feb 2011. After my surgery I felt great. However when I started doing normal things dishes, vacuming, laundry the normal everyday things a wife does... I started having pain again with numbness and weakness in my left arm and hand again. Stabbing burning pain under my left scapula if I sit or stand too long. When I bend over I feel as though I am being choaked I gag and cough. I went to the ENT he scoped me and saw nothing about two years ago. If I wear a tee shirt or sweat shirt that touches my neck I start choaking...
Does anyone else have this issue? Last year the doctor injected my neck again to help with the pain... I have had my shoulders injected a number of times and still no relief. URRRR
Still trying to get SSDI and not moving at all on that I have been denied 3 times by a judge, my attorney still fights for me. I continue to take pain meds, it is frustrating.


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