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Piriformis syndrome ruining my life - anyone know of something that works?

Started by Dreaming of bei... on 03/02/2013 8:27pm

I've tried all the stretching exercises, whirlpool massage, mechanical massage, pressure point massage, drugs....topical rubs. I still have so much pain in my buttock, hip & leg at night that I can't even sleep! And it hurts to even walk, though I do, a lot.
I've been diagnosed with FM too. But this Piriformis thing is even worse, I think, in that it keeps me awake and really keeps me from doing things I love to do.
What should I do next??? I'm beside myself thinking I can't continue on this way!!
Chiropractors don't help either....
I'm willing to try ANYTHING - any device, system, method, whatever!!
Thanks so much to anyone who thinks they can help me!

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I started having hip pain/spasms recently and they too keep me up at night and I feel the need to get up and walk. I believe it is the piriformis muscle. I get them in morning too and nothing helps either! I'm going to chiro 2-3x a week and am starting phys therapy next week. Have you considered cortisone injections? Ask your dr. about them. I have heard that they can releave pain for up to a year. Wouldn't that be nice! Even though Im sure you'd like the problem to be fixed from the core, it can't hurt to inquire about shots. Good luck to you...


During 20 years of this same kind of pain and not knowing the name of it until today, I have also found nothing works to help me sleep at night, except sleeping pills. I hope you can find one that works for you. I had to try several kinds to find one that helped me. Just because some sleeping pills don't work doesn't mean none will. Don't give up.