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Muscle Tightness in Leg

Started by 826359626@facebook on 07/31/2011 8:59pm

I have congenital stenosis as well as a degenerative mess in my lower back. I have had three lumbar surgeries and two cervical. Prior to the first cervical surgery a disk herniated internally at c6 where the spinal column was at it's most narrow point. The result is a bruised spinal cord. Much of my right side is numb including most of my right leg. I am still fully functioning, with some difficulty and pain, but still functioning. I ride a bicycle for exercise regularly. The muscles in my right leg are very tight and I can't get them stretched out. I have tried Physical Therapy with no real improvement. My Dr. prescribed nuerontil for the nerve pain and also thought it would help with the muscle tightness but it did not. The problem is getting worse to the point where I feel like I am fighting against it when I ride my bike or even walking. has anyone else experienced this and did you fnd anything that helped?

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