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upper back pain post collapsed lung surgery

Started by guygarrison on 04/08/2011 11:20pm

I have had two colloapsed lungs due to numerous blebs on and in my lungs. the last time the physician did surgery beyond the correction of the collapse to hopefully avoid further episodes of collapse in the future which could become very life threatening. He fused my lung with my ribcage (my rt, lung) as he put it by basically using a scouring pad to scoure the outer surface of my lungf so scar tissue would develop and create the bond with the ribcage. It made for a longer stay in the hospital and slower recovery than my first episode of a collapsed lung but hopefully the future benefit will be worth it. that was approx. 5 months ago and things seemed to be getting back to normal but just a few days ago I awoke in the morning with sharp pain in my upper back radiating ion all directions (up neck, down arms, through chest). I think that perhaps this is due to my spine being perhaps out of alighnment or something of that sort. I dont believe it has to do with my lung issue but im really not sure and would like to get some input on this matter. If anyone has something they think applies please let me know. thanks!

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