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Thoracic T2 left pain and rib misplace

Started by ValeryBL on 09/01/2021 10:54am

Hello everyone,

It is my first time writing on this forum, so I'll try my best to describe my condition.

I have an upper back pain since many year. It is located around the T2 vertebra. I am earing a crushing noise when I do exercice for mobilization and flexibility. My upper back muscle are always tight and I tried to get my upper back moving again with exercice. I am able to unblock all vertebra, but the T2 on th eleft side.

I want to the chiropractor and it help at first but the pain always come back. he used to do a manipulation where i am sitting with my arm behind the head. He pulls my upper back up and one or two time I heard the popping/crushing sound and feel relief. It doesn't hold more then one hour. Just by walking I feel the vertebra sort of ''getting out of position'', the muscle tighten. and the pain comes back.

I also try massotherapy and physiotherapy. It help for posture and to reinforce some muscle. It doesn't solve my issue.

I did some radiography of my upper back and i doesn't have compression fracture.

I am trying to have an IRM, but it can be long.

In my life, I had many traumas where I didn't want to the hospital. Once, I had a weight on my back and turn my shoulder to the side. I was bend forward a bit and a bit out of balance. I made a quick torsion mouvement to find my balance and I heard a snapping sound. It did not hurt, but the days after I couldn't move from my bed. I had a lot of pain for about 2 weeks, then it stop. The pain came back three to four time in the next years. I had back problem since that moment. Another time I felt on my back from about 2m high. This time I couldn't sleep on any side because of the pain that was too intense. I though it was a fracture ribs, so I didn't want to the hospital. The pain last for about a month and eventually want away.

When I am standing still right, my second left ribs seems to get out compare to my right. By pushing it inward and trying to close my shouder together, I ear a crushing noise in my back. It is the same when I try to pull my upper right back with a massage stick toward the front. It is doing that only on one side . When I do those manipulation a few time in a day, I am able to relieve all of my vertebra but not the T2 on the left side.

I am trying to find what is my back problem. I know I have something, but I having difficulties to get my family doctor understand what is happening. My chiropractor said to me that what I hear is the sound of the ligament or tendon on bone. I can ear those sound yes, but that is not what I hear. It is more of a crushing sound like bones on bones.

I am thinking it may be a broken ligament or a broken rib that did not heal correctly.

What are your thought on this? Does it happened to some one before? Does somebody has heard of a similar problem in the past?

I am out of option... I need to find what is happening before it become worst or something serious happens to me.

Thank you!

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