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Spinal problems i think

Started by GinaG on 05/22/2021 4:30pm

Hi ive had a problem now for years 10 in fact what started as a mild trapped nerve in neck pinching burning a little pain it lasted a few weeks when it got better never fully disapeared was always there in the back ground my neck always felt a little numb to touch but i could cope it really wasnt to bad
Over the years the neck was getting worse but had other symptoms too
Lower back pain ( thats radiates down leg )
Spasms in back and toes ( toes lock a certain way for a short time them come back )
Daily Pins and needles in hands , feet ,arms , legs , face (nose lips tongue , eyes )
Joint pain
Electric shock pains
Stabbing pains (face and rest of body )
Loss of sight in left eye ( for a short time )
Clicky bones and joints
Top of left foot always numb
Leg gives way randomly

4 years ago rang docs and they sent me for bloods and had very low vit D which i had to take tabs for but my neck was to be discussed at a later date !! Fast forward 1 year ago rang doc again and had more bloods they were all clear vit D was good !! But by this time my symptoms had got to.point where it was effecting my everday life !! One morning got up and most of my left side including face was numb so rang 111 they sent me to A&E and i was tested for a stroke had CT scan brain MRI and they were all clear which is good
My doc referred me to see a neurologist had to wait 5 long months when i went to see her she said she thinks i suffer from migraine and wants me to go for a full spinal MRI because my foot is numb ( she was nice but because stroke consultant suggested possible migraine think shed made her mind up before i even went in ) she said she doesnt think its ms or parkinsons
So im now waiting for my full spinal MRI x
But im so fed up was just wondering if anyone eles has experenced any of these symptoms could it be trapped nerves just got a good family but i feel so alone !! Like im always moaning !! Sorry for long post and thank you x

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