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Allergic to my implants and my neck my lower back

Started by Debbie .R on 05/20/2021 1:52pm

Trying to find out if anybody had any burning throughout their body every joint hurts so bad had about front of my neck the back of my neck and plants and the lower back it just keep coming on done in my body so they go in and fix them they took out the titanium in the back of my neck and put some fake bone in there I've had allergy testing I've been to hundreds of doctors not knowing what's going on with me my mouth my nose my whole face my eyes burn everything is drying out in my body my hair losing my hair so now they're saying that they're going to take the titanium out of my body in a month just wondering if anybody else went through this I am so weak I just feel they should test people before they put these implants in people so I'm trying to find out if anybody else has had all this burning and pain can't make God bless all of us I hope I get a response I get pins and needles in my legs my hands my feet

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