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Normal to have pain 3 weeks after minimally invasive decompression?

Started by Nursejules on 04/08/2021 7:25pm

Hello, I am in need of someone to talk with about my recent back surgery. I was lifting a patient at work and felt pain. Eventually I started to get sciatica down my right leg. I did pt with no improvement. Mri was done radiologist said bulged disc, along with bone Spurs and degeneration.
I went to see a neurologist who said I did not have a bulged disc but I have a cyst along with bone Spurs and fluid that was impinging on the l5 l4 nerve root. So he said he could decompress the joint and that it should take care of the sciatica but he couldn’t guarantee it would help with pain in my back.
The surgery went well, I went home the same day. Most of the sciatica is gone but I now have constant pain in my back on bot sides of the surgery scar. It feels like joints are rubbing together. I can’t stand for more than 30 min before I get pain down my leg. Just getting up and walking around causes my whole lower back to hurt.
I had a post op appt Monday and the surgeon said all looks good, he did not indicate whether this pain is normal or not and said I should just wait the whole 6 weeks.
I don’t know if this is normal? Am I doing too much and making things worse?
Any ideas? Thank you!

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