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Some people who write in are doing a HUGE dis-service to others

Started by Secretly Suffering on 03/23/2021 11:20pm

I almost did not join this group after reading several of the commentary. I was compelled to go ahead and join after reading further and seeing some posts that were well written and expressed both their medical challenges and resulting chronic pain as well as the very legitimate concerns for their future treatment by the Doctors in the current political climate. This situation is truly horrific for those of us who's quality of life is literally ruined by the CDC and then by the Doctors who took it too far despite it not being directed at Pain Specialty doctors and well documented legitimate pain patients.

That said.... I am beyond words with regard to some of the people writing in. Some sound so incredibly ignorant. They can't spell. They can't even spell check on their computer. They can't even construct a sentence that makes sense. They just ramble on and on and are either raging idiots so addled by drugs they can't communicate in a way that makes any sense or they are just very uneducated and too ignorant to realize that they are damaging the cause of getting fair treatment for everyone here. If they really have untreated or under treated pain, the rambling and crazy sounding comments and info just discredit themselves and any real hope of us being taken seriously. This site clearly states it is being read by 'health care professionals'.

Please don't write in if you are going to add insult to injury. I am a legitimately suffering person who, like most here, has been targeted and stereo typed by the CDC and even the "Pain Specialists' I have been seeing for ten years. I am really suffering now that they have eliminated 80% of what was not a relatively high dose of pain medication to begin with. In hindsight I wish I had increased my dose when it was offered years ago. Had I known that what they are doing was even possible I would have done it and saved the medication. My quality of life is 10% of what it was. I have trouble in every aspect of my life.

I worked all my life and sacrificed a lot to be able to retire and have enough to enjoy my retirement years. I just retired this year and now I have no life to look forward to. I take way way to much Aleve, Tylenol and Advil. I know it is far far more dangerous than the opioids I have taken for 10 years. They ruin the liver and Kidneys, raise blood pressure and cause heart issues. and cause ulcers to name a few. Yet the doctors would rather kill me that way than risk the almost zero chance of my overdosing.

Now they are pushing low dose 24/7 Buccal. This is carried via a patch inside the mouth. Now I would have no control as to how much of any drug I chose to take depending on pain levels. Keeping a drug in the body in the exact same amount 24 hours a day insures one can't OD. And it also takes all pain management away from the patient, insures the drug never leaves the receptor sites thus over time mitigating effectiveness and making any withdrawal when and if you stop much worse. Adding insult to injury I am told when it stops working they can keep increasing the strength. It starts at .75 and goes up to 900.. WHY on earth would they take the medication that was working for me and replace it with this?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so disgusted and insulted!!!!!!!! WTF???? Please does anyone have any idea how they are getting away with this?? Why won't a civil rights attorney or any attorney look at this??? Partly because people like the illiterate ones who write in make us all look so bad.

Also with regard to this drug they are trying to force on me. The risk is just as much as any opioid. I don't know if they are trying to be able to say they have reduced OD rates by only allowing a fixed amount to be given - al politics.. I am sure they get a kickback/incentive to prescribe it since it is a Brand name. It is being sold to doctors hard. If you have not heard of it you will. Making things worse - if that is even possible - it is not covered by insurance. At the lowest dose it would cost more tin one tear than my co pays to see my pain doctor for 2 years. More than my car insurance for a year..... When my prior medication - that actually controlled my pain fairly well before they reduced it by 80%, cost only 180.00 per year. On top of this my insurance would not even authorize it at all. So the 3 minute phone appointment with my doctor railroading me into a prescription that was of NO benefit to me in any way shape or form left me with almost no pain control for the next to months until I see him again. I realize now he is planning on taking ALL my pain meds and replacing them with this crazy, politically ineffective new drug.. It is also fraught with side effects. One of which - if you can even comprehend is TOOTH DECAY.. This is not a joke. The patch is is absorbed from goes in the mouth and it has an acid carrier for the medication. The acid in the mouth rots the teeth. since it stays there ALL the time the teeth are bathed in acid. I am so horrified that the doctors of forcing patients to do this. Or accusing them of refusing treatment. Of course - knowing all this and the plan they have to do this to me - I am not going to do it. I at least can say the insurance won't authorize it. But ultimately they plan to do something else that is no doubt as unbelievable.

So when I read some of the damaging commentary by these super ignorant people I jut loose it. PLEASE don't write in if you can't help. You are hurting people like me and others like me. And yourselves. No army would put a low IQ child on the front lines in a war except to kill them using them as a shield. If you can't spell or write and you don't have a legitimate story that a jury would agree with DO NOT WRITE IN HERE. Don't damage our hope for pain relief. Your are contaminating not contributing.

I don't care if I have offended some people. I say if they have any brain they can read the comments, being aware that medical professionals are also reading them and they can then ask themselves if it would be better for everyone if they sit on the side lines.

Has anyone else been forced to take 24/7 continuous release drugs? Don't allow it. J

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