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Experts please review my MRI/Xray images, High Res Images Shared

Started by baconshoes on 10/22/2020 10:03pm

I was hoping someone could look at my images and let me know problems they see that could be related to my severe chronic back pain, two locations.

Two years ago early December I was in a serious truck wreck, Dec. 10th. It appears I have MRIs from before the wreck, and after including an xray. The pain has remained in my mid back every day, has not let up. I've had several MRIs and now an Xray, since I was rear ended at high speed on Sept 2nd.

The problem is, the same office, maybe same person is reviewing my images and doesn't seem to see any problems! My PCP then reads the sentence, "nothing out of the norm" and tells me everything looks good. So I looked at the images myself, too bad I don't know what I'm looking at but I can compare what appears as healthy discs to almost missing discs and can clearly see a bulge, maybe a herniated disc, all this seems to be located where my pain emanates from.

I had some of the mid back pain, mostly my right side, before the wreck. There are what feels like , at least two separate injuries in my mid/upper back. On my upper back directly on the spine I seem to have pain that is irritated by massage. The other injury is in my middle back, both sides mostly my right, and does benefit from massage therapy, physical therapy, and stretching however; I cannot do enough of these exercises in a day to stay comfortable for more than 15 minutes, and it takes a lot to get that 15 minutes of bliss at which I generally fall asleep. Something is majorly wrong back there and isn't getting any better. I dream about the pain, wake up with it, no different from the day before, I feel it lying down, sitting up, standing up. Picking up almost any weight object with right or left hand causes shooting pains in my back! I'm 34 years young for the first time I remember but from what I hear this is not normal.


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