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Social security denial

Started by Jencheycameron on 10/04/2020 4:28am

I’m in disbelief how our social security system works in Jacksonville Fl. I was hit head on by a drunk driver, had surgery, 6 screws, a stint, and a cage in my neck, along with other back issues now. I was denied my social security when I first applied and retained a lawyer. There are many times I fall when I walk due to nerve damage shooting down from back to my leg. I worked all my life, since age 15, I’m now 44. Your age, or mental status has NOTHING to do with a person getting disabled after a car accident. On my third post visit home from the hospital I was HIT AGAIN Buy some thug committing a crime in a neighborhood. A few days later I lost control of all function in my right arm, and was hospitalized again! I see many doctors and have therapy 2x’s a week. My doctor and my therapist wrote a Functionality report in my favor. My attorney put my request in for an appeal which took MONTHS! On July 16,2020 I had an over the phone court hearing. After the hearing I did research on the ALJ and was in shock of what I read about this ALJ , his approval rate was ONLY 20%. Personally I believe someone needs to take a look at this judge something is NOT RIGHT! I am a single mother who is suffering, yes many nights SLEEPING in a CAR because of NO INCOME! We are now temporarily living with my elderly grandparents. Our system needs to be addressed . Even if a person is educated, or their age, they can still get disabled in life one day too! Now having a 3rd appeal, which will probably take another year, and we are suffering terribly. Please for dear god sakes does ANYONE have any insight for me!!

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