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Screwdriver in my Back!

Started by jonlouinpa2833 on 05/07/2020 11:34am

So I had 3 back surgeries. The first one didn't work and in the 2nd one my DURA Sac was torn and I wasn't informed. Went home after surgery only to be in more pain and leaking fluid through my incision. went bacl to my surgeons office only to find out the I had a CSF leak. Had emergency surgery the next day. I was i n the hospital for 5 more days and was sent home. A couple of months later and I'm still in chronic pain only to find out that my sciatica nerve was patched in during the DURA Sac tear repair and also a screwdrivr was left in my back! I struggle every single day and night with chronic pain even when I take my pain medication. Now i have a mas forming around where the screwdriver was left and now I have a condition called trauma induced giant cell tumors. Which my body produces tumors everywhere from my hands to my feet. If anybody has any suggestions please help me! I'm afraid to seek another surgeon because I'm afraid of what could happen next.

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