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Fusion surgery recovery

Started by Mnspence on 04/23/2020 5:04pm

I had a spinal fusion on Jan 8, 2020. It's now April 23rd and my boss is getting anxious for me to come to work. My recovery time is supposed to be from 4 to 6 months. Possibly a year with some people. I am exercising and walking to heal and build strength, but I am not ready to work. After exercising or working around my house, I have to sit due to leg, ankle and foot pain and numbness. The surgeon wants to do an emg when Coronavirus allows the procedure to see if nerves are still pinched. On top of it all, I just found out that rheumatoid arthritis has destroyed the joint in my left hip. It is bone on bone and needs to be replaced. The terrible hip pain slows down my recovery. Yet, I'm still feeling pressured to work. My job was very physical outdoors but was supposed to change to more supervising and less doing. Unfortunately, due to covid 19, I'm unable to work inside and would be forced to try to return to some of the labor end of the job. What do I do? Has anyone else gone this long without returning to work?

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Hi there.
I had a fusion in February of this year and experience similar issues. I continued to have tingling, numbness, and burning in my right leg. My surgeon prescribed 400 mg of Gabapentin twice a day. That has helped quite a bit but I still have some numbness. I returned to work on April 27th and definitely wasn’t ready. Now my left leg is experiencing problems. I’m calling my surgeon tomorrow but he says this is all normal so I’m assuming that’s what he will say. I’m sorry you are going through this but you are definitely not alone.


I too had a l4 l5 fusion on July 27th, but have been out of work since mid april...i am 2 and a half months post op and I am miserable..the surgeons told me it would be a 2 to 4 day hospital stay...lollll I spent a week there and then was sent to a nursing rehab center because the surgery caused me to complete numbness in both feet and drop foot in both. Not to mention loss of control of my bowel and bladder. The only thing that has improved in 2 months is my bowel control..the fusion healing itself is the easiest thing im dealing with...almost wish I could undo it and live with the pain.