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Severe thoracic pain

Started by odoo on 04/08/2020 12:24pm


In major need of pain relief, been dealing with stabbing , stiffness for 20 years now. Going insane. Won't even get into all the thousands of dollars I have spent trying to get relief. Last MRI did show herniated discs t-5 thru t-7, mostly left side ...but pain is mostly right side. Was sent for a second opinion before doing thoracic surgery as the doctor says he cannot guarantee it will even work. 50/50 chance he says of a fusion working. Second opinion doc sent me for an epidural in at t-5, t-6 area and I did get some relief for about 24 hrs, but severe stiffness. After a day it has gradually been getting worse and worse now than before having it done. With the whole Virus stay home I cannot do anything right now. Looking for anyone that has had some relief doing anything possible. Drugs numb it a bit and help me get through the day , but waking up with severe stiffness now and pain as well that I did not have previous to injection. Thanks for any help.

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