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Best type of bed, spinal stenosis.

Started by Floss15 on 02/24/2020 2:29am

I have had spinal stenosis in lower vertebrae since 1997.
Was told by 2 specialists there was nothing could be done, I was aged 62 and live in New Zealand. I accepted this and changed my lifestyle to try avoid pain causing activity. Paracetamol and codeine prescribed.

Recent months my lower spine began hurting when in bed (laying flat used to be a relief).
My bed is approx 9 years old, a Sealey Posturepedic king single which would have been medium priced. Looks like new but inside may be weak?
Quite limited in choice in this country but I need to do something to get more than 2 hours sleep before dull pain wakens me. I get up, wander around, make a drink then try again to sleep.

My first attempt to seek help on line - thanks for any replies, even if not able to solve my problem.

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