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Spinal fusion nightmare

Started by c_frank1225 on 01/31/2020 11:06pm

I had my first spinal fusion after a car accident and all seemed well for a few months. My T12 vertebrae was fractured and they fused a vertabrae above and below. Like I said, all was well for a few months and 10 months in to my 12 month recovery an xray had revealed that my bottom two screws broke and I needed another surgery to fix that. I now have 5 vertabraes fused together! I noticed the day of my second surgery that below my incision was totally numb. I’m now about 3 months in to my second 12 month recovery and it’s still just as numb as it was before... but there’s also some pain there. The section that was fused doesn’t hurt at all, but the area below the incision hurts. I looked up some stuff and read about Adjacent Segment Disease, and I’m really psyching myself out. I see my surgeon again in a little over a month but I’m really scared. Im now 20 years old but just turned 19 a week before the car accident. I used to be a really active kid and I’m afraid that those days are totally over. I know my surgeon will have a better answer than anyone else but I’m really scared and I feel very alone with this. What could be a cause of the pain/numbness that I’m experiencing BELOW the fused section of my spine? If anyone has an idea or has been through something similar please comment, I feel so alone with this.

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Hi there. I am also new to this group. I’m sorry to hear about your problems. I just had a fusion 5 days ago and am in the worst pain ever. Did you have this issue where tha pain is so bad you can hardly move? I hope you find answers to yours.