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Back surgery fusion not worth it

Started by DON'T DO IT on 12/13/2019 8:19am

My story starts,.... My life was always on the go. Healthy life in every aspect. 11 years ago got injured, burn sensation from butt to my ankle. After all said and done. Between 2008 -2010. Had fusions L4-L5 that had to be redone 3 times. Hardware bad , then this then that. Hip bone taken out, and a cage in my stomach for stability. First fusion,, redone 6 months after. 2nd fusion redone 8 months after 1st one. Then here the kicker,,,7 months later another redo on the fusion, but at the same sitting of that surgery I got the grand prize. .... Redo fusion cage in stomach and hip bone taken out. All at once. Where the JACK DANIEL'S SHOTS FOR EVERYONE.. THANK YOU. (SORRY BOUT THAT). All this done within 2 years with really no healing time. Has taken a big party away from me, can't run, sit to long, can't sit up straight to long. Oh and on every x Ray I noticed a screw that always looked bent. I asked and was told no. I'll say again..... On every x Ray from every angle that one screw looks bent. Might have broke because have a spot where screw is that hurts like hell to touch. To any one that had went through this, I understand. To the people that it had helped. You are the lucky ones.

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