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Burst Vertebre

Started by James McAllister on 12/02/2019 7:10pm

A back injury is very new for me. I would never wish this on anyone! Beginning at T9 to T11 there are compression fractures and then T12 was Burst. L1 was not as bad but L2 was also Burst. The spine was out of alignment. There are a total of ten Pedicle screws and two bars attached from T9 to T11 skipping T12(Burst) to L1 skipping over L2(Burst) to L3. T12 is seen in CT and MRI showing bone fragments inside the spinal canal about 50%. L2 bone fragments enter the spinal canal about 25%. The surgery had no procedure to align the spine or remove any retro-pulsed bone fragments. I wish I could show all the images. The preoperative condition of my spine is exactly the same after the surgery only showing the added screws and rods. Zero spinal alignment! I have lost three inches in height and the pain in my lower back into the hip joints is at times really severe. Every muscle in my abdominal area is often very tight and painful. The Turtle Shell back brace was fitted for me prior to the surgery and has never fit! The two Pedicle screws placed at L3 only entered the Pedicle bone and no entry into the Vertebral bone at all. One screw violated the spinal canal about two mm at the left side of T10. I feel so much pain but after seven months following this surgery the problem will not go away. This really hurts!

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